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“My Brother the Monster” now part of Gasolina Studios.

We are delighted to share the news that the property “My Brother the Monster” by Ernesto Molina is now part of Gasolina Studios’ portfolio. We strongly believe in this project and we will champion it through. Gasolina Studios together with Ernesto (Creator), Robert Corbett (Head of story) and Joe Alanís (Executive Producer) will continue development of the series.

“My Brother the Monster” follows the story about a cute little furball named Mombou. After finding him on the streets on her birthday, Petunia adopts him into her human family. Little did she know that tiny Mombou would grow up to be 9 feet tall. This loving monster has to go through life like a human kid does.  Mombou has a big heart and is all about helping his friends. Except, every time he gets scared, he shrinks back to being that cute little furball Petunia adopted. But he is trouble! Mombou becomes a little mischievous devil. But with the help of his friends, Mombou always gets better.

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