Joe Alanís

CEO - Vancouver, BC

With over 12 years of experience in the animation field he currently oversees the creative and technical development of Animated Series in Gasolina Studios. Joe has produced laureate short films and TV spots. His short All The Robots premiered in Poland (Etiuda & Anima) and has been traveling around continental Africa in orphanages and schools. Two Dollar Bill was his second short and was also received successfully in different festivals. He is passionate about developing dramatic comedies, black humor and also family animation.

Norma Alanís

Production Designer - Monterrey, MX

Norma Alanís is the engine behind our original stories. Developing both character design and narrative. She has a great passion for Illustration. Her many talents have earned her recognition in the design community. She lends her eyes and oversees the creative and visual development of everything around Gasolina.

As a mother of 3, most of her art is inspired by her children, and great adventures in fantastic universes created with them in mind.

Rob Corbett

Head of Story - Toronto, Ontario

Rob Corbett has been a professional Playwright, Director, Actor, and Artistic Director for over thirty years. His connection to animation started as an Acting For Animation Coach for Disney projects in Toronto and Animation Workshops in Mexico. His plays have been performed throughout Southern Ontario and in New York City. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and teaches Scriptwriting and Acting at a number of colleges across the GTA including Sheridan, Seneca, and Humber.

Katharina Keil

Producer - Melbourne, Australia

Katharina Keil is a German-Australian citizen with more than 23 years of drama production experience. Her long list of credits includes award-winning films, such as The Dressmaker, Looking for Alibrandi, Feeling Sexy and box office hits, such as Jerry Bruckheimer’s Kangaroo Jack. Among her television experience in both Australia and Germany, are such series, as Nowhere Boys, Puberty Blues, and Underbelly: Squizzy, the telenovelas, telemovies and internationally acclaimed short films.

Daniel Beltrán

Supervising Technical Artist - Mexico City

Majored in Digital Art and Animation with experience in CG production. Daniel is the mastermind behind our 3D pipeline, from overseeing the correct creation of our character models, their props, and scenery, to preparing them to come to life. He has experience in video games, short films, and hypermedia.

Daniel has the passion for transmitting beauty and style to whatever he's creating, with the very best quality standards that are required in international markets.

Ernesto Molina

Creator - Mexico City

Ernesto Molina is the creator of My Brother the Monster. He is also winner for Cartoon Network open call with the show What the Quest is this. And finalist for the Ideatoon 2015 and 2016 competition held in Cuernavaca Morelos. Since he was little, Ernesto dreamed about creating characters and telling great stories. Now, Ernesto has been focusing on creating IPs for children television.

Wummy Umude

Creator - New York

Wummy is the creator of the Adventures of Bim and Ama. She also co-created and co-hosts Those African Chicks podcast, a platform that showcases the victories, challenges, and evolution of the African woman. She is passionate about the intersection of globalization, african creativity, and identity.

She has an MPA from NYU and BA from in International Relations and Spanish from Lincoln University and is based in NYC. As a Mother of two, Bim and Ama are her 3rd and 4th children, she enjoys discovering Africa together with them creating stories that help convey a positive perception of Africa around the world.

George Xoulogis

Music Composer - Athens, Greece

George possesses professional experience scoring different kinds of films (6 features, 23 shorts), and Video Games, Documentaries, and several other projects, with talented and globally awarded directors and producers. He is delivering popular but unusual genres of film and television music from his professional studio globally. His musical styles range from ambient to abstract, minimal, contemporary, classical, ethnic and more.

His training includes all areas of traditional and modern composition, orchestration, music preparation, and conducting for film and visual mediums (MA in Film Scoring from SMKS-Denmark, Bachelor and MA of Music in Musicology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Degrees and Diplomas of Harmony, Counterpoint, Byzantine Music, Fugue and Orchestration).