Wings Siblings


ADEN, RUBY and TC’s adventures take them to a dizzying array of locations, from far-flung cities to unspoiled wilderness, from rusty red deserts to emerald jungles… And everything in between!  WINGS ACROSS THE WORLD tell stories that are funny, inspiring and relevant to children of today – Themes of growing up, family, technology, culture… Truly a world of possibilities!”


Development Phase: Late Development
Projected Launch Year: 2018
Demographic: 4-6 Year Old Kids
Gender: Neutral
Episode Length: 11 min
Number of Episodes: 52
Produced for: Furneaux Media


The authenticity and scope of WINGS ACROSS THE WORLD can only come from an insider’s perspective and Furneaux Media is uniquely positioned in this regard, combining the vast industry experience of Producer, Katharina Keil, with the passion and insight of international pilot, Captain Dale Newman. Lovingly crafted over the last eight years of Dale’s three-decade aviation career, the stories and characters of ‘WINGS’ are the product of a pilot whose love of flying is only surpassed by his passion for storytelling.


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