Veggies Still 3


Champs Normanson seems like your normal 8-year-old kid. Until he starts acting weird. He has been diagnosed with Vegetable Personality Disorder and this has all the bullies making fun of him. One day, he learns about the Secret Society of Veggies, a place where he can develop his vegetable superpowers learn to save the day.

Together with his sister Tats, his grandpa Lumber, mom, dad and lots of other “Veggies”, the cast of Secret Society of Veggies will learn a great lesson about self-discovery and self-acceptance in a world plagued with judgment.


Development Phase: Early Development
Projected Launch Year: Early 2019
Demographic: 5-8 Year Old Kids
Gender: Neutral
Episode Length: 7 min
Number of Episodes: 52


Norma Alanis and Joe Alanís have been working together since Joe’s childhood. Norma brought animation into Joe’s mind when she invited him to an animation showcase while Norma was in college and Joe was 6. This is when Joe learned he wanted to produce animation. Now Norma and Joe run together Gasolina Studios and this is their first animated series as creators.


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