Bim and Ama


In Africa, Adventures are exciting. But with a little magic, they Bim and Ama will find out how amazing the entire continent is.
The adventure begins when Bim and Ama’s mother brings the kids to Nigeria to visit their grandma. The kids really don’t know what to expect. The spoiled kids have had it easy back in Brooklyn. But when they arrive, they find a magic portal that allows them to experience the magic of the entire continent!


Development Phase: Late Development
Projected Launch Year: 2018
Demographic: 5-8 Year Old Kids
Gender: Neutral
Episode Length: 7 min
Number of Episodes: 26


Series creator Wummy Umude is a Mother of two, Bim and Ama are her 3rd and 4th children, she enjoys discovering Africa together with them creating stories that help convey a positive perception of Africa around the world. She strongly believes that animation is the most impactful way to achieve this.

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