In Gasolina Studios we believe in a collaborative Mexico where everyone can help in their own way to improve the world. Recent earthquakes proved to be an opportunity to team up and move the country forward.

Get to know some relief initiatives

Donate to the Mexican Red Cross

You can help the victims of recent earthquakes through the Red Cross website. Register in their site and donate in minutes with your credit or debit card.

The Day Everything was Moving

Our friends from Pixelatl made this book in record time to help the kids understand what happened during the earthquake. Download the PDF eBook and share it.

Recycle PET Bottles for housing

In this video, Regina Blandón explains us how we can help with PET bottles to build houses for the victims of the earthquake.


Here´s a list of shelters in Mexico City.

Help the Topos (Moles)

“Topos” is a team of rescuers, learn more about this team.

Emergency Numbers

911 Emergencies
56 58 11 11 Locatel
55 57 57 57 Mexican Red Cross
071 Comisión Federal de Electricidad
56 54 32 10 Sistema de Aguas