Gasolina Studios seeks commissioned sales agents to sell its services to Animation Studios, Video-Game Studios, Film Production Companies, Ad Agencies, and more.

Our company currently provides the following services:

Film Pre Production Services
Screenwriting, Pitch Production, Development, Storyboarding and Animatics.

Animation Production Services
Character Design, Modelling, Rigging and Animation.

Post Production services
3D Rendering, Film Editing, Color Correction and Digital Compression.

Video-Game production services
3D Asset Creation, LOD Creation, Art Development and Game Engine Integration for Unity and Unreal Game Engine.

Voice Dubbing and Localisation services
Spanish, English and French Dubbing and Subtitling.

All of this, for projects such as Commercial Ads, Animated Series, Video-Games, Live Action TV and Film.

We’ve been in business for 4 years. With clients in California, New York, Toronto, London, Australia and Mexico City. Our award winning productions have travelled all around the world.

Our catalog of services may be found at:

Commission varies between %10 and %17 depending upon the types of projects that come along.

We need a strong someone, or several someones, with strong contacts rolodex, or can quickly build one.