IMCINE grants Gasolina Studios series development funds

The ~$20,000 USD grant from IMCINE will allow Gasolina Studios to produce a teaser, an important tool to showcase the series in international markets

The Mexican Filmmaking Institute (IMCINE) awarded Gasolina Studios a development grant for the animated series “My Brother the Monster” this Sunday, March 12th, 2017. The original production by creator Ernesto Molina and executive producer Joe Alanís will be able to continue development thanks to the support of IMCINE.

My Brother the Monster tells the story about Mombou, a cute little fur-ball monster that gets adopted into a human family as a pet, but he quickly grows up to be 9 feet tall. He must learn to overcome his fears to live a normal human life.

This is the first time IMCINE supports the development of a TV series with this program. The open call was released in November 2016 and received 143 projects in total. The selection committee in the animation category was composed by Álvaro Ceppi (Zumbástico Fantástico), Jorge R. Gutiérrez (The Book of Life, Mucha Lucha), and Nicolás Matji (Strings, Tadeo Jones). The ~$20,000 USD grant from IMCINE will allow Gasolina Studios to produce a short teaser, that will become an important tool to showcase the series in international markets.

My Brother the Monster was also a finalist in the 2016 Ideatoon competition in the Pixelatl Festival in Cuernavaca, México, where it became one of the jury’s favorite pitches and garnered the interest of international media channels.

The complete list of winners can be found at this link.

MBTM Still

“My Brother the Monster” now part of Gasolina Studios.

We are delighted to share the news that the property “My Brother the Monster” by Ernesto Molina is now part of Gasolina Studios’ portfolio. We strongly believe in this project and we will champion it through. Gasolina Studios together with Ernesto (Creator), Robert Corbett (Head of story) and Joe Alanís (Executive Producer) will continue development of the series.

“My Brother the Monster” follows the story about a cute little furball named Mombou. After finding him on the streets on her birthday, Petunia adopts him into her human family. Little did she know that tiny Mombou would grow up to be 9 feet tall. This loving monster has to go through life like a human kid does.  Mombou has a big heart and is all about helping his friends. Except, every time he gets scared, he shrinks back to being that cute little furball Petunia adopted. But he is trouble! Mombou becomes a little mischievous devil. But with the help of his friends, Mombou always gets better.

Wings Siblings

“Wings Across the World” to be showcased in Kidscreen 2017

This next February, Gasolina Studios together with our partners in Furneaux Media, will bring “Wings Across the World” to Kidscreen, marking the first time this property will see the light. Furneaux Media commissioned Gasolina Studios the development of their original series, and now its ready for the public eye to see.

“Wings Across the World” tells the story about a family of airplanes, and their day to day adventures, and how they solve troubles together as a Family. ADEN, RUBY and TC’s adventures take them to a dizzying array of locations, from far-flung cities to unspoiled wilderness, from rusty red deserts to emerald jungles… And everything in between! WINGS ACROSS THE WORLD tell stories that are funny, inspiring and relevant to children of today – Themes of growing up, family, technology, culture… Truly a world of possibilities!”

The teaser trailer for Two Dollar Bill is out!

Our latest animated short “Two Dollar Bill” is now done and ready for its festival tour. Following the raging success of “All The Robots” that has been selected in 19 film festivals (As of Jun 2015) Our latest story is about a couple of twin brothers and their quest to have the best juice stand.

Bill and Pete compete (Pun intended) for getting their only customer, their triplet sister Anna, to buy their juices.

Will Bill and Pete ever learn to work together as a team?

Watch this trailer and stay tuned!

All the Robots - Trailer from Gasolina Studios on Vimeo.

All the Robots en Annecy y en Barcelona

Off Boat Annecy

Off Boat Annecy

All the Robots continúa su éxito en el continente Europeo. Con 2 novedades en esta ocasión.

En el marco de lo que puede ser considerado el festival de animación más importante del mundo, Annecy. Bill Plimpton, el reconocido animador, tradicionalmente hace una selección de los cortometrajes enviados a este festival, en un evento llamado Annecy +.

Este año, Annecy + llega a su octava edición. Y Bill Plimpton reunió a importantes exponentes del mundo de la animación en una proyección “Off Boat” en el Lago Annecy. y All the Robots, El cortometraje de Gasolina Studios fue parte de esta proyección.

Este es otro de los logros de All the Robots que llega sorpresivamente para el equipo, pues aunque se envió el material para su consideración a Annecy +, no fue hasta el día siguiente de la proyección que el equipo de Gasolina Studios se enteró de esta noticia.

All the Robots también será parte de la selección oficial del festival de cine Filmets, en Badalona, Barcelona. Subiendo así a 5 el número de reconocimientos en la historia del proyecto.

5 Laureles - All the Robots

5 Laureles – All the Robots

All The Robots sigue la historia de una futurista ciudad de robots que ha sido tomada por el mal. Todos los Robots deberán encontrar la manera para restablecer el orden y la paz. Fue escrita y dirigida por Joe Alanís en Gasolina Studios. Animada por Omar Kérmedy, Paulina Márquez, Daniel Martínez, Carlos Vazquez. Musicalizada por Daniel Dávila y producida con el apoyo de José Enrique Iñesta y Jordi Iñesta de Pixelatl. Estos son el cuarto y el quinto laureles que se lleva el cortometraje a nombre de Gasolina Studios..

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