My Brother the Monster – Teaser Trailer

We are proud to release the teaser trailer for My Brother the Monster. Our animated series in Late Development. The show follows the story of Mombou. A cute, ball-sized furry monster from outer space that gets adopted into a human family after crashing his pod on planet earth. Mombou quickly grew to be 9 feet tall, but overwhelming feelings make him shrink again. His mind is inspired by kids with Asperger’s Syndrome. Making him the first ever Asperger protagonist in a kids show. Mombou has to learn how to be a better monster, and understand how human life works. But will planet earth be friendly for him too?



How to co-finance your animated films and series in Mexico

Mexico is getting the attention of the global entertainment industry. Executives around the world are actively looking to do business with Mexican production companies and studios. Especially from the USA and Canada. Other than being in roughly the same time zone, there are new reasons for looking at Mexico as a co-production partner. A creative boom. A consolidation of the creative industries in Mexico. And of course: The potential of an industry that has plenty of room to grow.

Animation Studios from Canada and USA are saturated with work. It’s not uncommon for a studio to be working on 4 to 6 big projects at the same time. And it’s hard for them to reach talented artists to keep growing. In Mexico, things are different. There’s a lot of untapped talent in Mexico.

With the current Dollar value against the Mexican Peso, global producers get a better bang for their buck. It’s a good idea for foreign producers to invest their money in Mexican studios. But it’s also common for them to look for partners that can finance a part of their projects, so what options are there for international co-productions in Mexico?.

Here are some tools that might be the answer to that question:

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IMCINE grants Gasolina Studios series development funds

The ~$20,000 USD grant from IMCINE will allow Gasolina Studios to produce a teaser, an important tool to showcase the series in international markets

The Mexican Filmmaking Institute (IMCINE) awarded Gasolina Studios a development grant for the animated series “My Brother the Monster” this Sunday, March 12th, 2017. The original production by creator Ernesto Molina and executive producer Joe Alanís will be able to continue development thanks to the support of IMCINE.

My Brother the Monster tells the story about Mombou, a cute little fur-ball monster that gets adopted into a human family as a pet, but he quickly grows up to be 9 feet tall. He must learn to overcome his fears to live a normal human life.

This is the first time IMCINE supports the development of a TV series with this program. The open call was released in November 2016 and received 143 projects in total. The selection committee in the animation category was composed by Álvaro Ceppi (Zumbástico Fantástico), Jorge R. Gutiérrez (The Book of Life, Mucha Lucha), and Nicolás Matji (Strings, Tadeo Jones). The ~$20,000 USD grant from IMCINE will allow Gasolina Studios to produce a short teaser, that will become an important tool to showcase the series in international markets.

My Brother the Monster was also a finalist in the 2016 Ideatoon competition in the Pixelatl Festival in Cuernavaca, México, where it became one of the jury’s favorite pitches and garnered the interest of international media channels.

The complete list of winners can be found at this link.

5 tips for maximizing your next Kidscreen experience

Two weeks after Kidscreen and my head is still spinning. I’ve been to industry festivals and markets before, but none like Kidscreen. There’s really something to it that can set an entire industry on fire (and I mean it in the best possible way). I think the main difference comes from the summit’s size (not too big to get lost, not too small to be talking to the same people on the 4th day.), it’s scope (you can find newbie producers and big network executives, although those will be harder to meet with), and the fact that it’s all going on inside one big bubble that is the InterContinental Hotel. No need to leave for the entire day.

So here are a few tips for a newcomer to Kidscreen. Think of this as a quick guide to succeeding at Kidscreen.

1- Schedule your meetings in advance

Kidscreen newbies might not be aware of this, but most executives have their schedules full 2 months in advance. Kidscreen was in February and I was advised to start contacting delegates for meeting requests before Christmas! So dig into that Kidscreen database and start requesting meetings as soon as you can.

2- Leave room for other interesting activities

Before scheduling your meetings,  you can take a look at Kidscreen’s agenda, and then plan your 1 on 1’s around the activities that interest you the most. When you schedule a 1 on 1 meeting you usually get availability options from your counterpart, and most often than not, you will be able to find the time that works for both.

But what happens at the other activities? More networking in different formats. The “30 minutes with…” Sessions help you get an insight of the inner workings of the networks and distributors (and also the speaker’s card if you wait until the end). The cocktails mainly bring people interested in a specific company together… The parties will have a broader mix and are much more relaxed (alcohol helps you grow your network. It’s science).

3- no need for “bells and whistles”

One thing that surprised me is that people you meet is really open to getting to know you, your company, and the stage you’re at. Whether you only have a pitch bible or this is your 16th production in a row. If there’s a match, people will want to work with you.

4- Smile and say “Hi”

I can say that roughly 50-60% of the new contacts I made at Kidscreen I met randomly at the parties and the cocktails. So it’s really important to be able to break the ice. Just by saying “hi” you can open a lot of conversations. People came to Kidscreen to make new contacts so they will be as eager to meet you as you are to meet them.

5- Go to all the parties you can, network, then rest.

This is mostly an extension of point 4. If you get so many contacts from casually bumping into people, you can see the importance of attending these parties. If you’re serious about expanding your network and your business, you will leave going to the Beach after the summit is over. But please do schedule some vacation time after Kidscreen. The entire industry will be resting for the next week or two.

ADDITIONALLY: “Follow Up” is the name of the game

You met a bunch of people, you mingled, you partied and you got back home… This when the new business really happens. Since everybody’s so busy with 30 minute back-to-back meetings during the event, the real closing of the business comes after Kidscreen. So hang on to those newly acquired business cards and follow up your conversations when you’re back home.

So those are my 2 cents.

What would your Kidscreen tips be? Leave those in the comments!

About the writer

Joe Alanis created Gasolina Studios. A development and production studio based in Mexico City. Currently working on animated series such as “Wings Across the World” (Australia-Mexico) and “The Adventures of Bim and Ama” (USA-Mexico). “Secret Society of Veggies” and “My Brother the Monster” are in-house productions. Now amounting for over 11 years of experience in the animation field, previous working experience includes being program director for the Animation Bachelor of Arts at Monterrey Tech (ITESM). Founder and Chief Designer at Alebrije Estudios, where he developed video games for different platforms.

Take a look at Gasolina Studios original developments.

MBTM Still

“My Brother the Monster” now part of Gasolina Studios.

We are delighted to share the news that the property “My Brother the Monster” by Ernesto Molina is now part of Gasolina Studios’ portfolio. We strongly believe in this project and we will champion it through. Gasolina Studios together with Ernesto (Creator), Robert Corbett (Head of story) and Joe Alanís (Executive Producer) will continue development of the series.

“My Brother the Monster” follows the story about a cute little furball named Mombou. After finding him on the streets on her birthday, Petunia adopts him into her human family. Little did she know that tiny Mombou would grow up to be 9 feet tall. This loving monster has to go through life like a human kid does.  Mombou has a big heart and is all about helping his friends. Except, every time he gets scared, he shrinks back to being that cute little furball Petunia adopted. But he is trouble! Mombou becomes a little mischievous devil. But with the help of his friends, Mombou always gets better.

Wings Siblings

“Wings Across the World” to be showcased in Kidscreen 2017

This next February, Gasolina Studios together with our partners in Furneaux Media, will bring “Wings Across the World” to Kidscreen, marking the first time this property will see the light. Furneaux Media commissioned Gasolina Studios the development of their original series, and now its ready for the public eye to see.

“Wings Across the World” tells the story about a family of airplanes, and their day to day adventures, and how they solve troubles together as a Family. ADEN, RUBY and TC’s adventures take them to a dizzying array of locations, from far-flung cities to unspoiled wilderness, from rusty red deserts to emerald jungles… And everything in between! WINGS ACROSS THE WORLD tell stories that are funny, inspiring and relevant to children of today – Themes of growing up, family, technology, culture… Truly a world of possibilities!”